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About Us


Ecologix Heating Technologies Inc. is a manufacturer of:


  • Special purpose air handlers for tank-less heaters, boilers, combo heating systems, heat pumps, etc.
  • Air sourced Cold Climate Heat Pumps for heating and cooling.
  • Water sourced heat pumps designed for geothermal heating and cooling.
  • Air Conditioners designed for apartment suites with minimal visual impact.


Ecologix also provides custom modules designed for hard-to-find solutions, as well as complete design solutions for clients.



Our Mission


Ecologix Heating Technologies Inc. specializes in the development and sale of state of the art heating and cooling products. Our goal is to offer products and solutions that maintain optimal comfort, while achieving a high level of energy efficiency and reliability.


Our Vision


Ecologix Heating Technologies Inc. strives to be an innovative leader in packaged comfort solutions for residential and small commercial applications.


Our Values


  • Strive for the highest value solution, not always the lowest cost or the highest-end offering.
  • Treat everyone with respect