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  • EC Series


    • Complete Indoor Comfort
    • Quiet Performance
    • Higher energy efficient EC motor
    • The Total Package
    Large Air Handler S0513
EC Series

Variable speed high efficiency air handler for forced air heating when connected to a boiler or domestic water heater.


  • Variable speed EC motor for energy efficiency and noise reduction
  • Higher energy efficient EC motor
  • Flexible to accommodate a variety of options for adding cooling
  • Simple installation, easy access to parts for service and maintenance
  • Versatile to allow installation in most orientations


  • Ultra-high efficiency EC motor
  • Up to five cooling airflow selections and dehumidification option in cooling mode
  • Includes integral hot water coil, pump, and check valve.
  • Multi-positional: upflow, downflow, and horizontal;  return air can be from back, right, left, or bottom

Cased Cooling Coils

Cased Refrigerant Coils sized to fit Ecologix EC and ECR series air handlers. Suitable for return or supply air mounting. Cased coils are for horizontal air flow only.



CR1620 Cooling Coil S0513