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  • EM Series Make-Up Air Unit


    • Complete Indoor Comfort
    • Quiet Performance
    • Dependable
    • The Total Package
    Small and Large Air Handlers S0513
EM series Make-Up Air Unit

Variable speed high-efficiency air handler that preheats fresh air for ventilation.


  • Energy-efficient operation.  Flexible speed settings for easy design and installation.
  • Versatile to allow installation in most orientations
  • Prevents house depressurization due to large exhaust systems


  • High-efficiency EC motor, with up to five fan speeds selectable in 20% increments
  • Temperature adjustable controls for setting delivered air temperature through simple on/off operation of the pump(s)
  • Multi-positional: upflow, downflow, and horizontal;  fresh air inlet from back, right, left, or bottom

Cased Cooling Coils

Aluminum fin on copper tube, G90 galvanized cabinet, stainless steel drain pan. Suitable for return or supply air mounting. TX and FR series cased coils come sized for 410a refrigerant as standard.



CR1620 Cooling Coil S0513