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  • EZ Zoned Comfort System


    • Complete Indoor Comfort
    • Quiet Performance
    • Dependable
    • The Total Package
     EZ Air Handler S0513
EZ Zoned Comfort System

Air handler and compact duct system designed to quietly deliver heating and cooling when and where you need it.


  • Achieves more even temperature distribution floor to floor.  Delivers heat/cool only to where it is needed, reducing energy costs.  Equipment is compact and simple to install.
  • Variable speed EC motor for energy efficiency and noise reduction
  • Allows a variety of options for add-on cooling
  • More “grid-friendly” power consumption
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Simple installation, easy access to parts for service and maintenance


  • Built-in zone dampers and control for three zones
  • Ultra-high efficiency EC motor
  • Externally mounted cooling coil
  • Reduced peak electrical loading during A/C season
  • Fan will run at lowest possible speed to meet demand
  • Includes integral hot water coil, pump, and check valve.

Cased Cooling Coils

Aluminum fin on copper tube, G90 galvanized cabinet, stainless steel drain pan. Suitable for return or supply air mounting. TX and FR series cased coils come sized for 410a refrigerant as standard.



CR1620 Cooling Coil S0513