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  • EZT - Zone Comfort Tall System


    • Complete Indoor Comfort
    • Quiet Performance
    • Dependable
    • The Total Package
    EZT Air Handler R0702
EZT Series - Tall Zoned Comfort System -

Variable speed EC blower motor technology for maximum electrical savings. Tall cabinet designed to accommodate “A” coils.


  • Air stream monitored and system controlled to ensure heating coil and AC coil are freeze protected.
  • Fan speed is carefully controlled as dampers open and close to eliminate the need for an energy wasteful by-pass damper
  • All service access is through front panels


  • Cycle timer built in for exercising pump every 24 hours. Test button on system control makes confirmation of timer function easy.
  • Compatible with standard duct systems or can be used in small diameter duct systems to minimize plenum sizes.
  • Attractive white powder coat finish. Galvanized steel cabinet post painted for long life even in wet environments.

Cased Cooling Coils

Aluminum fin on copper tube, G90 galvanized cabinet, stainless steel drain pan. Suitable for return or supply air mounting. TX and FR series cased coils come sized for 410a refrigerant as standard.



CR1620 Cooling Coil S0513