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  • Air to Water Heat Pump


    • Operates efficiently down to a -25°C outdoor temperature
    • Packaged air to water system that can provide hot and chilled water for various applications.
     A2W W2W and A2ASP Compressor Cabinet S0513
Air to Water Heat Pump

Air-source heat pump for heating/cooling in hydronic systems.




  • Available in modular configuration for boiler replacement in existing hydronic systems, or as a single-cabinet model.

Cabinet DimensionsWidth x Height x Depth (Inches)22"x48"x25"22"x25"x48"
Electrical Voltage/PHV/Hz/Ph230/60/11/60/230
Shipping Weight (Pounds)240 lb238 lb
Compressor TypeCOMPCLRA134.0179.2
Electrical (Amps)Unit Total/Min/Max Circ37/6070/43
Line Connectionsliquid x vapour x DRAIN (Inches)1/2"x3/4"3/4"x1/2"
Domestic Assist Heat Exchange Plumbing (inches)DAHXP (Inches)1/2"1/2"
Factory Refrigerant ChargeFREF (Ounces)45Oz52Oz

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