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What's New at Ecologix

Clean Energy Fund Public Project Report

Ecologix, with help from its Industry partners has developed a variable capacity heat pump capable of delivering heat at -20C and colder.
This is a Canadian made product for heating homes in the Canadian winter.
We now manufacture and market this series of equipment as the “Cold Climate Heat Pump” (CCHP).
The CCHP is a low carbon and potentially carbon neutral technology that delivers up to 100% of the home’s space heating and cooling needs, even as cold as -20C and delivers 50 to 70% of the homes domestic water heating needs at very high efficiency.
During summer months, heat that is normally rejected outside during air conditioning, is recovered and used to heat domestic water, coming to the home owner at almost zero incremental cost.
The CCHP is capable of challenging the fossil fuel furnace to become the carbon neutral standard for new home construction and existing home heating system replacements.
The full report can be found here in English or French

Government of Canada Invests in Cambridge Clean Energy Project

February 14, 2011 – The Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State (Science and Technology) (Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario), today announced $4 million in support from the Clean Energy Fund for a cold climate heat pump development and demonstration project by Ecologix Heating Technologies Inc. This funding is part of the Government’s actions to improve economic and environmental performance and to support high-quality jobs. “Investing in these clean energy technologies stimulates the growth of a domestic industry, creating high-quality jobs for Canadians,” said Minister Goodyear. More Information

Cold Climate Heat Pumps: Meeting the Challenge of Canadian Winters

February 1, 2011– University of Waterloo researchers are working with Ecologix, a Cambridge, ON manufacturer, to test these heat pumps in real-world conditions. If their market trials are successful, the CCHP could dethrone fossil fuels as the standard source of home heating in Canada and, in the process, cut national greenhouse gas emissions. More Information

Economic Development in the City of Cambridge Year-End Review

2006 – Ecologix is all about innovative ideas and products to efficiently heat and cool your home. This Cambridge-based company designs and manufactures air handlers, on- demand water heaters and cooling coils for home and commercial applications. New on the heating scene in North America, on- demand water heaters and cooling coils have been used in Europe for many years. More Information

Ecologix Wins Clean Energy Funding for Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pump

2006 – The project involves the development and demonstration of cold climate air-source heat pumps in a number of Canadian climate regions. It will take technologies developed for commercial applications and apply them at the residential scale. A successful market launch will position Ecologix as the first North American manufacturer of air source cold climate heat pumps designed to have the capacity, performance and annualized efficiency similar to that of ground source heat pumps but at a fraction of the cost of these systems.  More Information